My Business

Your role: In order to make it easier for you to use various facilities of Rusbiz "My Business" you are allowed to choose your role as a buyer, seller or both buyer/seller for current session. Example: If you planned to check the quotation that you sent, you might prefer to choose your role as Seller. But if you would like to check the Invoices that you received recently you might prefer to choose your role as Buyer. To view all your business activities, it is better to define your role as Both.

My Message Center: In this section, you read the messages that you received from other members and reply to them.

RFQ Management: You manage your Request for Quotes/Information (RFQ/I) in this section.

Quotation Management: Manage quotes that you send to and receive from other Rusbiz members.

Purchase Order Management: Generate and send Purchase Orders for the product you plan to buy or view received P.O. from buyers here.

Invoice Management: Create and send invoices to buyers and view received invoices from your suppliers.

Shipment Management: Check shipment status of the products that you bought or confirm status for the products you are delivering.

Update Company Information: Edit and update your company information here.

Update Personal Information: Edit and update your personal information here.

My Trade Leads: Here you view, edit, create and post your Trade Leads.

My Products: View, create, edit and add products to E-catalog.

Add or Update Addresses: All your billing and shipping addresses are accumulated in this section. Add and edit addresses here.
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